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Clear Retainer with Brackets

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A clear retainer with brackets, that can be used as fake braces , for example in film... more
Product information "Clear Retainer with Brackets"

A clear retainer with brackets, that can be used as fake braces, for example in film production, theater or for demonstration purposes.

Looks just like real fixed braces from outside when worn.

Please note: Our products are not being sold for medical purposes.
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Customer review for "Clear Retainer with Brackets"
27 Jun 2023

Retainer w/bracket

Hey guys! This is an honest review (not paid), I just got my order yesterday. I got the clear retainer with brackets and it looks and feels like the real thing. I would say; if you're thinking about it....GO FOR IT! I tried them out by taking them in and out before I wrote this review. They fit nice and snug (perfectly aligned with my teeth and impressions). When I take them out, I start by pulling on the back part of the retainer to avoid tension on my front teeth and they come off effortlessly.

During the process, I informed them about my chipped tooth and BraceShop was kind enough to provide fill-ins (flippers) to cover the gaps. Mind you this was after they received my impressions. I was able to email them and get support every step of the way with my questions and concerns. I'm looking forward to ordering a clear retainer with brackets for my bottom teeth. If I knew they were totally legit (which I know now), I would have gotten both the top and bottom (at the same time) for the discounted price.

Don't forget to clean your retainer regularly guys and the plastic taste at first is perfectly normal. For ways on how to clean your dental appliance, there are hundreds of FREE videos on YouTube and TikTok!

I'm very happy with my purchase. BraceShop gave me my smile back for thousands less than an actual dentist! I would recommend them to everyone if you want costume braces or to seriously enhance your smile. Thanks BraceShop!

9 Jun 2023

Very happy

I bought the retainers with brackets for the upper and lower jaws.

They look so real and fit perfectly. Very pleased.

Make sure you mould your teeth properly with the putty, I found some useful videos on YouTube for this.

8 Jun 2023


I ordered the retainers with brackets for the upper and lower jaws. They really do look just like real braces and fit perfectly.

28 Mar 2023

Looks just like the real thing!

These are awesome!!

Took about 3-4 weeks total from purchase to the final product.

I always wanted to have braces but my bite was good enough as a child that there was not worth the investment of several thousand dollars for cosmetics or physical comfort.

That being said, these look like the real deal!

Only two downsides are:
1) that a few edges are curled towards my teeth and the trays are really deep, so they cut up my gums and need to be shaved down.
2) one of the brackets is off center on one of my front teeth, but it’s not noticeable. Plus in actual orthodontic braces, the brackets are not always perfectly centered for torque and angling reasons.

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