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Impression Kit Process

In order for your appliance to fit perfectly, we need an impression of your teeth. If you don't have an impression yet, you can simply order our impression kit - it comes with everything you need to easily take your impression at home.

You can easily order the impression kit by selecting "Impression Kit: With Impression Kit" in the product options.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Choose an impression tray

Your impression kit contains two trays of different sizes. First select the tray that fits best and make sure your teeth don't touch the borders of the tray.

Then mix the blue and white putties thoroughly as described in the instructions.


Step 2

Take your impression

Fill the mixed impression putty into the tray and bite as deep as possible into the putty.

Do not move the impression tray while the putty is setting and wait approx. 3 minutes for the putty to set.

Step 3

Return your impressions

Wash your impression under warm water and take some photos of it to email to us.

We'll check whether the impression can be used and give you all information for returning your impressions.


Video Instruction