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Order Process

How does the order process work?
  1. First select your desired product in our shop.
    If you do not already have dental models from your dentist, you can add an impression kit at the product options. It includes everything you need to take a dental impression at home.
  2. Complete the order and payment process.
  3. After receipt and confirmation of your order, we'll ship your impression kit first (if ordered) and you'll receive all information about returning your impressions by email.
  4. After your impressions have arrived at our dental laboratory, we will start the production of your order.
  5. You will receive an email notification with a photo of your finished order once production is complete.
    If there are no change requests, your order will be sent to our warehouse and from there to your delivery address.
Do I need dental impressions or models?
For the production of your order, we need a model or an impression of your teeth. If you do not already have a dental model from your dentist, you can add an impression kit at the product options. It contains everything you need to easily take a dental impression at home.
How long does it take?
Production time is about one week upon arrival of your impressions at the laboratory.

However, the total turnaround time of your order may also include the shipping of your impression kit, the time you need to take the impressions and to send them to our shipping hub, the delivery time from you to the shipping hub and from the hub to the laboratory and the shipping time of the finished order to your delivery address. In total, you should allow approximately four weeks for your entire order to be processed (it may be quicker or longer depending on your location and the time you take to return your impressions).
Can I request customizations?
Yes, our products are made individually so customizations are generally possible. You can mention your customization requests (e.g. different colors in the acrylic, a tongue crib, etc.) in the field "Comment" at the last step of the ordering process.

If a request should not be possible or additional costs would be incurred, we will let you know after confirmation of your order.
How can I order if you already have my dental impressions?
If we still have impressions from your last order, you can order your desired product without an impression kit and leave a comment during the ordering process that you would like us to use the impressions of your last order. If possible, please indicate the order number of your last order.
Can I change my order later?
 If you want to change your order, please feel free to contact us. You can make changes at any time until we have started the production of your order (you do not need to cancel your order to change it).


Is it easy to take the impressions?
Yes, the impressions can be made quickly and easily at home with our impression kit. You can find more information and video instructions here: Impression Kit Process.
How can I return my impressions?
- If you are ordering from the US or Canada, you can send your impressions to our US shipping hub in Nashua, NH.
- If you are ordering from Europe, you can send your impressions to our shipping hub in Sheffield, UK.

Before you return your impressions, please send us a few photos of the impressions by e-mail. You will then receive all the information you need to return your impressions to us (shipping address, your individual return form, etc.).
Can I send my impressions first and order later?
No, we need your order first before you can send your impressions. This is because when you return your impressions, you need to write your order number on your return form so that we can process your impressions and assign it to the correct order. Therefore, please complete the ordering process first and then send us a few photos of the impressions by e-mail before you actually send your impressions to us.
Do you keep my impressions for future orders?
Yes, your impressions will be archived in our laboratory for approximately 12 months unless otherwise requested. This means that you do not have to make and/or send any new impressions with your next order, provided your tooth position has not changed in the meantime and the last order still fits well.
Did my impressions arrive?
You will automatically receive an email notification as soon as your impressions have arrived at our laboratory.

After you have sent your impressions to our shipping hub, you can use the tracking number of your parcel service to check if your impressions have already arrived at the shipping hub. There they are consolidated and then forwarded to the dental laboratory in charge of your order.
For logistical reasons, we can only confirm receipt of the impressions once they have arrived at the laboratory. From then on, production time is approx. one week.


How are your products made?
Our products are custom-made by trained dental technicians in an orthodontic dental laboratory using your dental impressions. For this we use materials of the highest quality. Each product is unique and is going to fit perfectly on the provided impression.
Can I use your products for medical treatment purposes?
We do not sell our products for medical/self-treatment purposes. Our products can not replace a treatment at the dentist/orthodontist. In order to be able to use our products for treatment purposes, you need to consult a local orthodontist.
What happens if my order doesn't fit?
We guarantee that your order will fit perfectly on the impression that you have provided. Your product will be delivered on a dental stone model of your impression to make sure it fits perfectly.

In very rare cases it may happen that the product fits well on the model but does not fit well on the actual teeth and there was therefore a problem with the impressions or the position of the teeth changed between the time the impression was taken and the delivery of your order.
In these rare cases, a new impression will need to be taken, which can be returned to our laboratory with your product so that we can remake your order using the new impression.


Where will my order be shipped from?
Our impression kits and all final orders are shipped from warehouses in the USA and the EU (depending on your location). So if you're ordering from the US (or Canada), your order will be shipped from our US warehouse with USPS and if you're ordering from Europe, your order will be shipped from our EU warehouse.
Delivery time within the United States is usually approx. 2-3 working days, within Europe approx. 3-4 working days and within Germany approx. 1-2 working days.
Do I have to pay import taxes for my order?
If you are ordering from the USA or from a country within the EU, no import taxes will be incurred.

Only if you order from a country outside the USA and outside the EU, import taxes may be due upon delivery of your order (they will be charged by the parcel service before or during delivery and usually need to be paid before delivery).
Will my order be packed discreetly?
Yes, we will pack your order discreetly, without any stickers/logos or the words "BracesShop". Only the sender address of our shipping provider is being mentioned on the package.


How can I contact you?
 You are always welcome to contact us via our contact form. A member of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.