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Headgear and Facebow Headgear and Facebow
Set of an extraoral facebow (medium), safety release modules (blue, 450g) and either a high-pull head cap (blue) or a cervical neckpad (blue, jeans).
From 29.99€ *
Braces Case Braces Case
Case for storing removable braces and retainers.
4.99€ *
3D Dental Model (Upper & Lower Jaw) 3D Dental Model (Upper & Lower Jaw)
Custom made, dental stone models of your teeth.
From 39.99€ *
Metal Brackets Metal Brackets
A set of metal brackets (nickel-free), for upper and lower jaw (20 brackets) with hooks on teeth 3, 4 and 5. Type: Roth, .022.
24.99€ *
Elastomeric Ligature Ties Elastomeric Ligature Ties
Elastomeric ligature ties for attaching the brackets to the archwire of fixed braces. 26 ligature ties per stick, 40 sticks (= 1040 ligature ties in total).
19.99€ *
Archwires for Fixed Braces Archwires for Fixed Braces
10 archwires for fixed braces with a thermoactive nickel-titanium alloy. Shape: Natural Strength: 016x022
14.99€ *
Cheek Retractors (Set) Cheek Retractors (Set)
Set consisting of three cheek retractors in the sizes S, M and L (autoclavable).
19.99€ *