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Active Plate (Schwarz)

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The Schwarz expansion appliance is a removable expansion appliance that is often being used to... more
Product information "Active Plate (Schwarz)"

The Schwarz expansion appliance is a removable expansion appliance that is often being used to create the needed space for relief of mild crowding or development of permanent teeth.

In which cases is it being used?

The upper Schwarz appliance is usually indicated to:

  • expand a narrow upper jaw
  • relieve mild crowding
  • correct a crossbite
  • allow normal development of the mandible

The lower Schwarz appliance is usually indicated:

  • for patients with mild to moderate crowding in the lower anterior region and
  • in cases with significant lingual tipping of the posterior dentition.

What are the main parts of a Schwarz expansion appliance?

The Upper Schwarz appliance consists of an acrylic plate with a midline expansion screw covering the palate. It is attached to the upper jaw with Adam and/or ball ended clasps.

The Lower Schwarz appliance is a horseshoe-shaped removable appliance that fits along the lingual border of the mandibular dentition.

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