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Palatal Expander (RPE)

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RPE (sometimes called rapid maxillary expansion) is a technique used to widen (expand) the upper... more
Product information "Palatal Expander (RPE)"

RPE (sometimes called rapid maxillary expansion) is a technique used to widen (expand) the upper jaw (palate) when it is narrow.

How does the RPE work?
The upper jaw bone forms in two halves. The RPE moves these two halves apart and holds them there while new bone fills in the "gap" under the gum. As the RPE widens the upper jaw, a temporary gap often appears between the two front teeth which usually closes spontaneously within 3 months.

In which cases is it being used?

  • correction of a unilateral crossbite
  • elimination of a displacement (jaw shift due to inadequate bite)
  • avoiding the creation of a crossbite in cases needing distal
  • movement of upper buccal segments (before use of jaw growth modification appliances)
  • preparation for a bone graft in a cleft alveolus patients
  • relieve of minimal crowding
  • interceptive orthodontics to allow jaw growth
  • orthognathic or functional cases
  • correction of tipped teeth (often due to dentoalveolar compensation)

How to activate the appliance?
A specially designed key will be provided to activate the expansion screw. It usually needs to be turned twice a day or as instructed by your orthodontist.
Usually, it is activated 0.5 mm/day (2/4 of a turn per day, one activation in the morning, and another in the night). Note: 1/4 of a turn = 0.25mm.

How long should the RPE be worn?
The RPE appliance needs to be worn all the time usually for about 3-6 months. During the first 2-3 weeks, it's being adjusted to widen the upper jaw bone. In the remaining months, it is being left to allow new bone to fill in the gap under the gum between the two halves of the upper jaw.

Please note: Our products are made to be used under supervision of a dental professional.
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