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Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw)

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An active plate with a special three-way screw, allowing to expand the upper jaw and to move the... more
Product information "Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw)"

An active plate with a special three-way screw, allowing to expand the upper jaw and to move the front-teeth forwards.

In which cases is it being used?

The 3-Way Schwarz appliance is often being used:

  • for both lateral and anterior arch development
  • to alleviate crowding
  • to correct a crossbite
  • to correct lingually inclined teeth

What are the main parts of the 3-Way Schwarz appliance?

  • Three-way expansion screw
  • Labial bow to hold the proclined or anterior teeth in position so that the arch is maintained while expansion takes place
  • Retentive clasps to hold the screw in position
  • Ball ended clasps

How to activate the appliance?

The appliance is usually activated with a slow expansion protocol of one turn per day or every other day until the desired result is achieved.

Please note: Our products are not being sold for medical purposes.
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