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Retainer mit Brackets

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Herausnehmbare Gaumenplatte mit Brackets - sieht getragen für den Betrachter von außen aus wie... mehr
Produktinformationen "Retainer mit Brackets"

Herausnehmbare Gaumenplatte mit Brackets - sieht getragen für den Betrachter von außen aus wie eine feste Zahnspange.
Z.B. für Filme (Filmproduktionen) oder zu Werbezwecken.

Hinweis: Unsere Produkte werden nicht zu medizinischen Zwecken verkauft.
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Kundenbewertungen für "Retainer mit Brackets"


an incredible job, it was worth the wait, I will buy again for sure, it is possible that for Christmas I will buy the retainer or telescopic stacker, I love how they feel in the mouth


absolutely stunning!

I just ordered brackets for the lower jaw and got them today for my girlfriend. She already has brackets from bracesshop.com for the upper jaw. She enjoys wearing them and already got a couple of compliments about them, nobody could tell that they aren't real, this is a statement!


better than real ones ;)

I bought my girlfriend a pair of these braces and she LOVES them! she used to wear braces and kinda love wearing them, they look exactly like real ones


These are the best-quality prop braces we've seen.

We've bought prop braces from two American and one Belgian company, but these are by far the nicest.


Excellent customer service but mine had a minor flaw

My appliance fitted ok apart from one wire at the back which was too narrow to go over my tooth so I had to adjust it myself with a pair of pliers, once I'd done that though they fit fine.
Apart from that one small issue I had I’m quite pleased and happy with my purchase and the customer service was excellent.


Fit and finish are excellent. Nice glossy finish

Offer a option to add thickness to the plates.


Excellent product and service!

The braces fit perfectly and look great. No one is able to tell that they weren’t applied by an actual dentist. The customer service is very helpful and the braces arrived swiftly.


High quality and perfect fit

High quality and perfect fit. Excellent customer service.

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