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Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw) Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw)
An active plate with a special three-way screw, allowing to expand the upper jaw and to move the front-teeth forwards. In which cases is it being used? The 3-Way Schwarz appliance is often being used: for both lateral and anterior arch...
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Active Plate (Schwarz) Active Plate (Schwarz)
The Schwarz expansion appliance is a removable appliance designed to expand the upper or lower jaw and to create the needed space for relief of mild crowding or development of permanent teeth. In which cases is it being used? The upper...
From 169.99€ *
Headgear and Facebow Headgear and Facebow
Set of an extraoral facebow (medium), safety release modules (blue, 450g) and either a high-pull head cap (blue) or a cervical neckpad (blue, jeans).
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Retainer with Brackets Retainer with Brackets
Removable plate with brackets. Can be used in movie productions or for advertisements.
From 219.99€ *
Braces Case Braces Case
Case for storing removable braces and retainers.
4.99€ *
Modified Stretching-Plate Modified Stretching-Plate
Upper Jaw: Modified upper jaw stretching plate with 5 screws, a thick plastic plate on the front teeth and a special labial bow. Unterkiefer: Modified lower jaw stretching plate with 3 screws, pelottes and a special labial bow.
From 229.99€ *
Clear Retainer with Brackets Clear Retainer with Brackets
A clear retainer with brackets, that can be used as fake braces , for example in film production, theater or for demonstration purposes . Looks just like real fixed braces from outside when worn. The photo shows a lower jaw splint.
From 189.99€ *
Palatal Expander (RPE) Palatal Expander (RPE)
RPE (sometimes called rapid maxillary expansion) is a technique used to widen (expand) the upper jaw (palate) when it is narrow. How does the RPE work? The upper jaw bone forms in two halves. The RPE moves these two halves apart and...
From 189.99€ *
Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope Appliance Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope...
This appliance is a combination of a Twin-Block with a Telescope Appliance and an Activator with pelottes.
From 429.99€ *
Retainer Retainer
A retainer to hold teeth in position, for example after an orthodontic treatment.
From 149.99€ *
Telescope Appliance with Brackets Telescope Appliance with Brackets
Clear retainers for the upper- and lower-jaw with brackets, connected with a telescope appliance.
From 379.99€ *
Clear Retainer Clear Retainer
In contrast to the classic retainer with a palatal plate in the upper jaw or plastic in the lingual region in the lower jaw, this retainer is made of a glass-clear, thin, thermoformed splint and is almost invisible. It can be used to...
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