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Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw) Y-Plate / 3-Way Schwarz (Upper Jaw)
An active plate with a special three way screw, allowing to expand the upper jaw and to move the front-teeth forwards.
From 199.99€ *
Active Plate (Schwarz) Active Plate (Schwarz)
The Schwarz appliance is designed to create space in a crowded/narrow arch.
From 169.99€ *
Headgear and Facebow Headgear and Facebow
Set of an extraoral facebow (medium), safety release modules (blue, 450g) and either a high-pull head cap (blue) or a cervical neckpad (blue, jeans).
From 29.99€ *
Retainer with Brackets Retainer with Brackets
Removable plate with brackets. Can be used in movie productions or for advertisements.
From 219.99€ *
Braces Case Braces Case
Case for storing removable braces and retainers.
4.99€ *
Modified Stretching-Plate Modified Stretching-Plate
Upper Jaw: Modified upper jaw stretching plate with 5 screws, a thick plastic plate on the front teeth and a special labial bow. Unterkiefer: Modified lower jaw stretching plate with 3 screws, pelottes and a special labial bow.
From 229.99€ *
Palatinal Expander Palatinal Expander
An upper jaw splint with a large expansion screw.
From 189.99€ *
Clear Retainer with Brackets Clear Retainer with Brackets
A clear retainer with brackets, that can be used as fake braces , for example in film production, theater or for demonstration purposes . Looks just like real fixed braces from outside when worn. The photo shows a lower jaw splint.
From 189.99€ *
Retainer Retainer
A retainer to hold teeth in position, for example after an orthodontic treatment.
From 149.99€ *
Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope Appliance Modified Twin-Block with pelottes and Telescope...
This appliance is a combination of a Twin-Block with a Telescope Appliance and an Activator with pelottes.
From 429.99€ *
Clear Retainer Clear Retainer
In contrast to the classic retainer with a palatal plate in the upper jaw or plastic in the lingual region in the lower jaw, this retainer is made of a glass-clear, thin, thermoformed splint and is almost invisible. It can be used to...
From 99.99€ *
Bite Jumping Appliance (VDP) Bite Jumping Appliance (VDP)
Bite Jumping Appliance (VDP) for the upper and lower jaw.
From 349.99€ *
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